Our company has long years of experience as well as many references various countries of the world besides Turkey. Our commercial relations which began with Italy has continued with many other countries in time and always long-term and powerful customer relationships have been established. Our exports are carried out to Italy, Spain, America, China, and some other European countries. The main reasons for our success is the Marble and Travertine fields recognized by the customers from all around the world and therefore our product's quality and customer satisfaction.

Yellow and brown travertine stones that are mined from marble fields in Sivas are worldly known and they are defined as the largest and best quality mines available in Turkey. The values of our Crema Marfil (Beige), Emprador, Rosalie and zero Crystal White products which we are mining in Bursa are well-known by domestic and international sector members. Our long-term goal; put all our marble fields in operation one by one and allow the use of our Marble and Travertine stones which is an important natural product of Turkey in more constructions in more countries.